MinePic APIs can be used with Minecraft UUID or username, so you can replace one of them instead of {uuid|username}. This is the easiest way to get an avatar http://minepic.org/avatar/{uuid|username} Bigger is better http://minepic.org/avatar/{uuid|username}/512 Isometric head http://minepic.org/head/{uuid|username} http://minepic.org/head/{uuid|username}/{size} If you need 2D skin http://minepic.org/skin/{uuid|username} http://minepic.org/skin/{uuid|username}/{size} 2D back skin http://minepic.org/skin-back/{uuid|username} Display raw skin http://minepic.org/raw/{uuid} Download raw skin http://minepic.org/download/{uuid} Can I force update of my avatar/skin on MinePic? Sure! http://minepic.org/update/{uuid}

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Username Requests
32 32 68.860
Jose Jose 62.101
Santiago Santiago 58.720
Juan Juan 55.532
VEGETTA777 VEGETTA777 55.422
Nicolas Nicolas 54.986
Roberto Roberto 54.768
Leo Leo 52.623
Carlos Carlos 50.332
Alejandro Alejandro 49.634
Alvaro Alvaro 49.447
Matias Matias 46.986
Angel Angel 46.672
Javier Javier 45.802


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