Just select and copy the URL, come on!


This is the simply way to get an avatar
<img src="https://minepic.org/avatar/{uuid|username}" />
Bigger is better
<img src="https://minepic.org/avatar/512/{uuid|username}" />
NEW! Isometric head
<img src="https://minepic.org/head/{uuid|username}" />
<img src="https://minepic.org/head/256/{uuid|username}" />
If you need 2D skin
<img src="https://minepic.org/skin/{uuid|username}" />
<img src="https://minepic.org/skin/{size}/{uuid|username}" />
2D back skin
<img src="https://minepic.org/skin-back/{uuid|username}" />
Can I force update of my avatar/skin on MinePic? Sure!
Download the full skin image

Most Wanted

Username Requests
Bistecca12 Bistecca123.919.397
wolvoroth wolvoroth3.634.271
JoLong JoLong3.610.678
BugraaK BugraaK3.337.249
DoctorBurak DoctorBurak3.040.637
TheCrazyGamer73_ TheCrazyGamer73_2.665.116
MandelCube MandelCube2.369.397
Giulio17 Giulio172.306.856
hacklover hacklover2.300.483
ReNext ReNext2.227.795
SkiFire13 SkiFire132.140.174
ALCC01 ALCC012.076.710
CubeMat007 CubeMat0071.870.092
CapoFantasma97 CapoFantasma971.814.915
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